Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to report Spammers

Are you frustrated with all the spammmmmm?!?!

Here is how to handle the bastards!

1) Make sure you have your email settings adjusted to view Full Headers.
2) When you receive the email, look at the headers and look for the Originating IP
address. This is the address of the home connection of the user.
3) Take that IP Address and follow the How to Use ARIN step below.

Arin is the IP address registry for America. It also has links for all registries around the world. I have filed complaints to many networks world-wide.

When you use Arin by placing the IP address in the search box, they will give you the network information and there is an email address to report abuse on that particular network.

How to use
Go to and plug the Originating IP address of the email into the 'search who is' box and voila! You have the info of the network that the sender is using.


Anonymous said...

This is so cool!! I never knew about Arin.

Thanks! I will use for many things!

Lisa M. said...

Why doesn't Craigslist put this information on their website?

I sold a couch on Cl and got so many emails, but when I responded to supposedly interested parties, there were only a few that replied back. Then I started to get tons of junk mail that I never had before...I was pissed!! I do not think I need male enhancement drugs!! My boyfriend doesn't!

When my boyfriend and I put the information from the email into Arin, we got some IP adresses from the East Coast in the US and one from Africa!!

Now I know!

Thanks Tony!!

Anonymous said...

Magic TV Canada

We offer quality tv for free, no dish and no cable. Sorry we can't provide you with an actual physicial address. We are sorry we can't provide a real website, only a blog and sorry we use anonymous Hotmail accounts.

The fact is when you spam classifieds and offer sharerware garbage for sale, people complain and we have to be able to hide under a rock.

Magic TV Canada - we're garbage and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you are misinformed as most people.
researching the ip from "recieved" will net you the senders location ONLY if he has sent it from his home.
CL respeonses are NOT sent from
the original senders IP and all you will get is "CRAIGSLIST" in your search results.
Hence the term "anonymous email"
without third party software or some serious work involved, you will NEVER trace anyones ip from CL if they are responding to an ad you put up.
Most people dont know the "anonymous" part works both ways. Always request senders to include phone numbers or you will not respond. THis is the best thing.
And theres nothing you can dop about it other than file a complaint with CL.
Hope that clears things up.

Erika Horn said...

So...does this actually report them, or just tell me a bunch of info I have no idea what to do with?

Anonymous said...

I've found that if i put my email address in the ad and ask them to reply only to the
email address supplied or it will be deleted. The spammers always use craigslist anonymous reply. But the only
thing have a disposable email address so when your done you
just close it out.. I thank
The spammers are thriving sense CL started the anonymous email jazz.

Anonymous said...

These people sold me a sick puppy on craigslist for 1300.00$ they claimed she was from a reputable breeder etc but after discovering her medical and behavioral problems (which they clearly knew about and failed to disclose) I did a lot more research and found out she was from a pet store and a puppy mill that is now being sued for selling dogs that were unfit for sale. I then asked the sellers for the receipt for the dog so that I could join the class action lawsuit and they refused. I'm now stuck between a rock and a hard place. I also realize selling a dog on Craigslist is illegal.  What should I do? I'm facing vet bills for this poor animal plus the 1, 300 $ I paid for her and the sellers are rude and uncooperative. I want my money back! This has been a truly terrible and heartbreaking situation.